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Mobility Service Management
Increased use of new technology in mobility, as well as changing device ownership is creating a real challenge for most businesses. The cost of managing that change, both in time and money is prohibitive. Our fully managed service model allows your staff to do what you employed them to do, by removing the complexity of managing the mobility day-today.
Single touchpoint for end to end service management
Modern business process relies heavily on mobility; for many, devices are no longer a nicety but a necessity. Dedicated stock can be held for urgent dispatch, keeping staff productive for longer.
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When a device is returned we manage the whole process. Redistributing these devices back in to the business maximises the value of your investment in technology.
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Mobility Fleet Management provides a simple, consistent, high quality response to facilitate a premium service with a strict, high performance SLA for all orders and requests.
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Mobile assets are continuously tracked maximising return on investment whilst delivering insightful reporting on costs and behaviors.
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Devices and connections are tracked to ensure that at "end of life" their disconnection or decommission is completed, ensuring security of IP.
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